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แอล.วี.ที. (LVT) เตรียมส่งมอบโรงปูนใหม่เอี่ยมในพม่า มูลค่า 2,500 ล้านบาท พร้อมปรับโมเดลธุรกิจ ร่วมทุนสร้างรายได้ต่อเนื่องในระยะยาว

Al. V. Technology (LVT) Experts providing Engineering and Construction, Cement Plants Around the World. Got a New Cement Plant Delivery of 2,500 million Baht in Myanmar Worth Assured the Cement Industry in Burma grew. And the existing Joint Venture Model to Generate revenue. for business. the Company's continued long-term.

Mr. Hans Nielsen Monitor Morgan, founder and former President. LV Technology Co., Ltd. (Thailand) or LVT Leading Provider of Engineering Design, develop, Supply and Installation of Equipment. In many countries Around the World revealed that achieved in the Company. . . the Construction of a Cement Plant in Myanmar, the LVT has to do such a Project. From Consulting, Design, Construction, Supply and Installation. Which was completed and Started Trial Production since Late last year, FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins | Fifa 14. Coins. . | Fifa Coins | Louis Vuitton replica | Fifa 15 Coins | replica. handbags and with Commercial Production expected in March. The Factory is located in Shan State. Away from the City have G (Taunggyi), the Capital of Shan State, approximately 25. . Kilometers. of New Cement Factory, which is privately owned, the Most in Ten years. The Plant recently completed earlier, when 12 years ago the Government. Which is funded by the Japanese Government for a New Cement Plant. The Project is a Joint. Venture between Kanbawza. . Industries (KBZI) GCCP Company which is a subsidiary of LVT in the ratio 40:20, the Joint Venture consisting of Rest is a Small Construction companies located in Myanmar for a GCCP LVT Company. Shareholders are directly Part. Another Part of LVT held. by. a Joint Venture in China and India. To Support the growth of the Construction Industry in Myanmar. The demand for Cement has a Lot of "Cement Plant of this. Uncle Capital spending by Baht 2,500. million LVT Into Project Management in all processes. Since. . the Consultation, Construction and Installation of the Equipment was completed. The Production capacity of 500,000 tons per year with a Dry, in terms of US dollars has the Advantage costs per ton only 45. Which are. Cheaper to Produce Cement is Wet Old Technology. . Can we Make a profit from Operations was very good. Due to the volume of Cement Production in Myanmar are not Enough. It must be imported from Abroad. The RETAIL Price of Cement per ton up to 115. US dollars, the Investment Into the. Construction. Cement Plant of this in Myanmar. Considered to be a good Rhythm Able to Generate a Return on Investment Value as the well, "Mr. Hans George Nielsen said core for Consulting fees. And Project Management, all of 18 million US dollars About. LVT Worth. , Or more than 500 million Baht profit after deducting the cost of About one million US dollars or 30 million Baht, which has recognized revenue continued. after the LVT Can Get. Benefits in the form of Dividends from the Profits of the Company. Due to. the low proportion of the Joint Venture Will not be recognized directly. Benefits the Other Side is the Management of a further Five years, LVT Will be. paid at the rate of US. $ 1 per every 1 TONNE of yield, Mr. Hans George Themed Nielsen said that in addition to the Service. the Consulting, Engineering and LVT are prepared to Invest in fixed Assets Into a Joint Venture by the Group. Max Manufacturing with. This is another. Major business groups in Myanmar, which Makes LVT is a Partner in the Cement Plant at Least Two of which are adjacent. to the Capital Naypyidaw. Myanmar's New Capital It's fixed Assets to Generate revenues continued to LVT in the long Run today in Burma, with. a Production capacity of Cement, AGGREGATE, approximately 2.2 million tons per year, while the demand is About 6.5 million tons per. . year. It has approximately 4.3 million tons per year, which it Imports approximately 60% of Thailand and another 40% from India and Vietnam by the year 2557th Will have the capacity in Myanmar Increased by 1.5 million tonnes from a New Plant and. Old. Factory. update And Will increase by 1 million tonnes in Two Hundred and Fifty-Eight Five thousand, while the growth rate of demand increase of 15% per year About.


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